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    Rent Plumbing Snakes
    (Sewer Snakes)

    At Durante Rentals, we rent plumbing snakes suited for every application. For both home and commercial use, our top-of-the-line plumber’s snakes will unclog your drains, toilets, sinks, pipes, and sewer lines quickly and easily. Breakthrough tough clogs, stubborn objects, industrial grease and oil, hair, cloth, mineral deposits, tree roots, and more. Why rent a plumbing snake from anywhere else? Our friendly team of rental coordinators will make sure you’re well equipped to attack even the most stubborn of clogs.

    Samuel Blanc invented the modern-day electric plumber’s snake over 80 years ago. It dramatically changed the plumbing landscape, replacing the plunger and making it easier than ever to clear clogs and quickly resume water flow. While today’s snakes are more powerful and easier to use, the basic functionality hasn’t changed all that much. There is a heavy-duty cable with a small auger attachment on the end. As the cable enters the drain or pipe, the motor rotates it down the pipe. As it rotates downward, the auger attachment embeds itself into the foreign object and pulls it out when the cable is withdrawn. In cases where the clog is more severe, the end attachment breaks up the object allowing it to pass through the drain. In instances where there is no foreign object present and the clog results from built-up matter, like mineral deposits or cooking fat, the end attachment flails around the inside of the pipe. It scrapes and loosens the accumulated matter and restores normal water flow.

    Compare Our Plumbing Snakes
    Heavy-Duty Drum Snakes – Our heavy-duty drum snakes come with powerful electric motors that help cut through and break up stubborn objects such as tree roots. They come equipped with interchangeable end attachments for different diameters and cleaning applications. These powerful snakes can easily break copper or plastic pipes if not used correctly.

    Camera Sewer Snakes – Our E-cam sewer snake units come equipped with a color camera attachment at the end of the cable for easy inspection of sewer lines from 3″ to 10″ in diameter. Take the guesswork out of the equation by performing a real-time inspection from the inside perspective. Save time and money.

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