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Water Pump Rentals

Rent Water Pumps, Trash Pumps, Sub Pumps and Diaphragm Pumps

At Durante Rentals, we have a large fleet of water pumps for rent with varying capacities and applications, suited for all dewatering projects whether residential or industrial. Our selection of water pump rentals include clean water pumps centrifugal trash pumps, diaphragm pumps and sub pneumatic pumps. Our submersible sub pumps and sub pneumatic pumps come in a 2″ size, our trash pumps range in size from 2″, 3″ or 4″ and we also rent 3″ diaphragm pumps. Our smaller water pumps are ideal for small, confined spaces, while our larger pumps are intended for heavy-duty, professional contracting jobs. They are perfect for trenches, excavations, ditches, basements, irrigation systems, crawl spaces and swimming pools, just to name a few.

Our water pump rentals are from well-known manufacturers such as Multiquip, Chicago Pneumatic, ESI, Wacker and Koshin. Depending on the type, our pumps can handle everything from clean water to mud, debris, rock, sludge and sewage. They require low maintenance, are easy to clean, come with powerful motors and are mostly gas-powered with some electric water pumps as well.


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