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Just as their name indicates, rock splitters are used in the construction industry for heavy-duty breaking or splitting of large rocks, stone, and concrete. As they are also referred to, our rental Hydraulic splitters were invented by Edward Langfield in 1967, revolutionizing the construction industry as we know it. They help you save time, which in turn saves you money.

Now you can fully control breaks in both rock and concrete without vibration, noise, or dust associated with larger and more cumbersome paving breakers, impact rams, and hydraulic chisels. Rock Splitters also work exceptionally well in close quarters where they cannot access these other machines due to their sheer size.


This light-weight yet powerful tool operates at 7100 PSI hydraulic pressure with an unbelievable splitting force of 413 tons. A break usually occurs in a few seconds for most materials and up to 60 seconds for the toughest of materials. They can outperform even the largest mounted impact machines making demolition simple, quick, and cost-effective.

A 10,000 PSI pump powers the hydraulic splitter. The power unit and rock splitter are connected with a pair of high and low-pressure hydraulic hoses. The cylinder contains a control valve and a piston that moves a plug between two feathers. The plug and feather end is placed into a drilled hole. The plug moves down between the two feathers forcing them against the wall of the hole. When the tension increases beyond the tensile strength of the material, a split will occur. The entire operation of the cylinder is controlled by a single lever on top of the tool. The plug can be advanced and retracted with this lever. An automatic built-in valve reduces pressure after the break.

For a more detailed description and application guide, please download Hydraulic Splitting-A New Method for Breaking, by Edward Langfield.

Need an air compressor to power your unit? At Durante Rentals, we offer a full line of air compressors for rent. Why go anywhere else? We offer the best rates in town, and we’ll even deliver it to you for a reasonable fee.

Rock Splitters can break: Almost any type of rock or stone, sidewalks and curbs, foundations, concrete walls and floor slabs, bridge decks and abutments, road barriers, brick or rock retaining walls, underwater demolition, reinforced concrete, and more.

Hydraulic Rock Splitter Performance Tips

  • Pre-drilled holes, necessary before inserting plug and feathers, should be exact diameter length and straight.
  • Pre-splitting is both effective and quick, reducing the time behind the unit.
  • Insert the tool into the pre-drilled hole far enough to avoid the feathers bellying out.
  • For extra-large rocks or reinforced concrete or where the material is confined like in trenches or tunnels, two or more splitters should be used for maximum force.

[/vc_column_text][vc_message]The plug and feathers MUST be lubricated before startup for peak performance and to keep the feather from breaking. Make sure to request a can or two of Elco Lube Paste. For best results, apply Elco Lube before every split.[/vc_message][content_box type=”without-header” color=”#f9f9f9″]

Our Rock Splitters Feature

[column size=”col-6″]Vibration, shock and noise free operation[/column][column size=”col-6″]Work well underwater[/column][column size=”col-6″]Easy to handle and control[/column][column size=”col-6″]Light weight[/column][column size=”col-6″]Precision breaking[/column][column size=”col-6″]Good for hard to access spaces[/column][column size=”col-6″]Use up to four Rock Splitters simultaneously[/column][column size=”col-6″]Built-in pressure reducing valve post break[/column]
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